The Electric

Check out my new page on ‘The Electric’

It is a YA, fantasy novel that I have been writing for the past year and a half. I hope to soon finish writing it, so I can begin editing and re-writing. Once I have finished, I hope to get it published.

Sincerely, Little Nerdling

Me and My Writing

As you know, I am a writer. If you didn’t know (I don’t know how you didn’t), I’m a writer. I recently realised that you guys know nothing about my writing and me, except for the title of my four books that I am writing and that three of them are fan-fictions. So, I am going to put up a page someday soon about the main novel that I am and maybe even a page about a story which I hope to start soon, once I have figured everything out about it. I hope to post the page about my main novel today and I will include an excerpt from it as well.

Sincerely, Little Nerdling

School (Urgh)

School’s been back for a week and has already began to kill me. Year Nine feels as though ALL the homework has been double and is piling up. As much as I enjoy school (Yes, I am one of those people who enjoys), right now it and me are not exactly on the same page.
It has been amazing to see all my friends again, fangirl with some and annoy the other with our fangirling. I managed to get one of my friends to start reading the Divergent Trilogy and her and another to read the Fault in our Stars. I personally absolutely adore both books, sobbed my heart out reading The Fault in our Stars. Can’t wait until the movies, now off that topic or else I will go on forever.
Another thing I love about school is that I can manage to get some writing time in and I once again how my friends on my back about my stories, especially Hiding in the Secrets, which I have based off our friendship. I am about two thirds through the novel I am writing and am on Page 138. I honestly can’t wait until it is finished.

Then there is the down side of school (Which isn’t much if you ask me). The biggest downer is homework and how much we get. It probably doesn’t help that I am in the top maths class and we do three exercises of it every lesson, not that I am complaining about being it the top class, it is great, in a way.
When I look at this, I immediately think I am going to be getting sooooo much more homework than this in year 10, 11 and 12, so I probably shouldn’t be complaining.

Aside from that, school is fantastic and I would much rather prefer to be there than at home being bored out of my mind.

Well, that’s all from me, Lilnerdling

By the way, if you want to read any of my stories, check out my wattpad account. There, I have Hiding in the Secrets (Which is based off of Marvel’s X-men comics and movies), Silence is Golden (An Ouran High School Host Club fan-fic) and My Condition (A Marauders Fan-Fic). The novel I am writing is not on wattpad as I want it to be a surprise until I finish it.

Happy New Year

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. Did anyone watch the fireworks? For me, it included sitting on the couch, watching the Sydney fireworks on the television, played the Sims 3, then got bored and wrote some of my stories.

For 2014, I hope to:

  • Finally achieve the splits for Calisthenics/Dancing.
  • Hopefully finish the novel I am writing, then try my hardest to get it published.
  • Finish some of my fan fictions, if I manage my writers block.
  • And figure out what I am going to use this blog for.

I also plan on having a book pile to read from, problem is that I only have three books/series already, though I am waiting to go to the book store to find some more books for it. Currently, I have The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (One of my favourite authors), Divergent by Veronica Roth, and Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike. If anyone has any other suggestions, please tell me.

Another exciting thing is that I have recently had my birthday, making me now fourteen years old and the same ages as all my friends, finally.

Oh well, that’s all from me, Lilnerdling